Desktop shortcut

Create a desktop shortcut to BitSeven

bitseven desktop1 homescreen

1. Open the bitseven web page in your Chrome browser.
2. Click the wrench icon in the top right corner of Chrome's browser.
3. Select [More tools]-[Add to desktop]

bitseven desktop2 homescreen

4. From [Add to desktop] dialogue box. enter the name and click [Add] button.
5. Your shortcut will appear on your desktop.

bitseven desktop3 homescreen

Create a desktop shortcut to BitSeven

This solution allows you to access BitSeven website easily by clicking the installed icon.

How to create a desktop shortcut

Step 01 Install

Click the download button to install a program.

Step 02 Save

Press 'Save' button (if you do not specify a folder to save the file, it is usually stored in a download folder).

bitseven explorer1 homescreen
Step 03 Run

Click 'Run' button when the download is completed

bitseven explorer2 homescreen
Step 04 Select folder

Select the folder to install.

bitseven explorer3 homescreen
Step 05 Installed

You will see the 'BitSeven' icon on your desktop when the installation is completed.

bitseven explorer4 homescreen
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